Incredible Universe

Our Incredible Universe
by Elias "Nemesis Maturity" Fragakis

Dark Rift in the Milky Way Galaxy
Discover what's going on in our incredible universe, and enjoy the beauty of space from a completely different perspective!

Univ. of Oslo: Heavy (Space) Weather: Coronal Mass Ejections and the Northern Lights


NASA: A Coronal Mass Ejection CME Strikes the Earth


NASA: New Horizons Spacecraft is Only a Year Away from Pluto


ESO: Largest Yellow Hypergiant Star is 1300 Times Bigger than Sun


MIT Tech: The Sun's 'Death Star' Companion


There Are Tens Of Billions Of Habitable Planets and Moons in Our Galaxy





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A summer of Supermoons 2014 and August Skies 2014 to discover an incredible universe of binary twins & multiple celestial events!


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