Tropic Coolers


(Brazilian in origin)



1 lime

1 cup ice cubes

2 tablespoons brown sugar-coarse

2 1/2 fluid ounces cachaca (Brazilian Rum).Velho Barrero recommended.



In a 8oz. glass, squeeze and drop 1 lime cut in 8pcs length wise but first remove the white area in the centre to avoid excess bitterness . Add sugar, muddle with a muddler or crush and mix with a spoon. Pour in the cachaca (brazilian rum) and plenty of ice. Stir well.



(Cuban in origin)



4 fresh Mint leaves 
1 Lime, juiced or 
1/4 cup fruit juice
2 oz. Club Soda
Crushed Ice


1 tsp. Powdered Sugar
2 oz. white rum or tequila

Garnish with:

1 fresh Mint sprig

1 thin Lime slice (or sliced kiwis, or strawberries as shown)


Add to tall glass in order of ingredients given, adding crushed ice last.  Serve with garnish on top.

Watermelon Mojito using fresh-juiced watermelon (as show below)


Sweet Sangria



2 litres of red wine                  
2 Lemons
2 Oranges
1 Apple
1 Peach
3 Tablespoons of sugar
1 Cup of sweet soda
Cinnamon stick (optional)

Wash the lemons and oranges to use a bit of the peels of each of these fruits plus juice.
Pour the wine into a jug. Add the juice of lemons and oranges together with the sugar and a little piece of cinnamon stick. 
Cut into small cubes the pulp of peach and apple, and add them to the wine along with the lemon and orange peels.

Let it cool in the refrigerator for a while as it has to be served very cold and flavors need to blend. Before serving, add a cup of sweet soda and remove it with a long wooden spoon.


Family-Style Beverages

For summer coolers with healthy nutritional value try juicing fruits & vegetables, together or separately.  Drink cold, or freeze for naturally delicious popsicles!

Juicing is easy with a juicer (appliance) which will instantaneously extract  juice, while removing smaller seeds & skin, with a minor amount of prep work, leaving nutrient-rich juices.  

Purchase an affordable juicer to start with and make sure to use it at least weekly for maximum health benefits & extra summertime hydration for your family.  Why not grow these fruits and vegetables in your own garden, to ensure toxic pesticides will NOT be ingested by your family? 


A small or medium size watermelon can yield an entire gallon of 100 % pure juice, rich in heart-healthy immune-boosting anti-oxidants, naturally sweetened, at a fraction of store-bought prices. 

Be sure to select non-GMO or unaltered varieties of fruits and vegetables for your family. Grow your own garden using only  "Heirloom" seeds.  

Real watermelons and other plants are supposed to contain seeds as a natural phenomena, designed by our Creator for optimum health and nutrition.

Begin by rinsing and drying the watermelon, cutting it in half and then in sections with a large knife.  Please take all safety precautions, as juicing can get messy and utensils can become slippery. 

Cut fruit away from the rind in long sections to fit into the neck of the juicer.

Although it is acceptable to juice the rind right along with the flesh (for higher vitamin content) juice whatever you are comfortable drinking.  

Discard unused portions into a compost pile (for garden fertilizer without chemicals). 

Plug in and then turn on your juicer, feeding the long strips of fruit into the top neck opening.  

Always use the pusher tube for feed safety, while preventing juice from splashing up and out of the appliance (onto clothes, walls or ceiling).

Pour by cupful into a pitcher until you have juiced the entire watermelon. 

Unplug the juicer, dislodge the pulp container, and then strain any remaining juice into your pitcher. 

Repeat several times if necessary before discarding the seed-laden pulp.

Immediately rinse off all appliance pieces (separately) to remove sticky residue, and allow to dry before reassembling for storage.

Refrigerate juiced-fruit beverages and serve cold over ice.  Your entire family will enjoy the naturally sweet taste, and the health benefits by lowering processed-sugar intake.  Enjoy!

Purchase these books for further health tips and year around growing instructions, because it's better to juice the organic fruits and veggies you grow at home!
"ABC's of Nutritious Cooking"
"How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden"