Planting Time

Sizzling-Hot Summer Fruits &Veggies
by Becca Badgett for Twinas
It is time to start planting summer vegetables in the garden. In other areas, planting time may be sooner or a few weeks later, depending upon your location. However, the following information applies to planting these vegetables in all areas with the exception of the time for planting.

Summer vegetables include the majority of crops that make the way to our tables. This is just a partial listing of some of the most popular.

Tomatoes; all types, and varieties, plants need a full-sun location to bear this favorite fruit.

Squash; summer, winter, autumn, zucchini, and patty pan must have the heat to produce.



 Beans; vining or bush, green, yellow or red grows in the sunny garden.


Cucumbers; large or small, for pickling, salads or snacking are warm weather veggies.

Eggplant; another heat-loving vegetable, beautiful in the garden and delicious on the grill.


Melons; honeydew, muskmelon, watermelon, even pumpkins and gourds flourish during the hottest days of summer. Some of these take 100 days or more to maturity, so your harvest may be in autumn, depending upon when you planted.

Peppers; hot or mild, sweet or fiery, this favorite spice needs sunshine and heat to grow. 


Do you need a good reason to start growing vegetables to feed your family?  Here are just a few:

  • Save money over grocery store prices.
  • Have favorite and special varieties available that are not being sold in local stores.
  • Lean how to grow healthy food in the event that a natural occurrence my limit or stop the shipping of food throughout the country.

    The California drought will create a shortage of fruits and vegetables this year. What is available is sure to be at a hefty price, in grocery store and markets. Get growing now to feed your family.

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    Gardening Tip: Intermingle herbs and flowers among your summer vegetable plantings for pest control.
    Cilantro, marigolds and nasturtiums are just a few plants that deter pests, trap them or attract beneficial insects.


    About Becca
    Becca Badgett is an enthusiastic gardener who enjoys sharing information with others. She is certified as a gardening expert and plant technician while writing how-to and garden articles for several sites online, such as Gardening Know How, Examiner, and Huffington Post.  She is co-author of the book “How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden”.
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