Food Fight - Take it Back!

Grocery Manufacturer’s Association
(GMA) Overtakes Monsanto as
“Most Evil Corporation on the Planet”

by Elias Fragakis for Twinas


GMA Overtakes Monsanto as "Most Evil Corporation on the Planet"

Referred to as "one of the world's leading pollution sources" and the "terrible 20" (of genetically modified foods, beverages, drugs, pesticides, and other toxins) GMA, aka; The Association of Food, Beverage, and Consumer Product Companies, aka; Grocery Manufacturer's Association, is not only impeding honest, GMO-food-and-product labeling, but is actively promoting un-stainable agricultural practices globally.

In a morbid effort  to create new diseases, causing undue pain and suffering to mankind, and our future generations, this conglomerate beast,  GMA, pursues only money, at the  expense of our health; as per articles:

"Cancer death rates are twice as high where GM crops and agricultural chemicals are used" and "Herbicide-resistant crops threaten global environment, says intergovernmental report"!

What you can do: 
We need to return the favor by refusing to purchase any of their diseased and poisonous products.  Starve their money-gluttony, as they have starved you of life-giving nutrient-rich foods, and the  honest-labeling information you need to feed your families (as God intended).

Hang on to your money!  Grow your own fruit-and-vegetable gardens, using only heirloom NON-GMO seeds (see above tabs  for Twinas'  "Gardening" tips)  and get the book "How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden" (for growing year around).

"Boycott These Top GMO-Loving Companies Now" as shown at 
It should only take about a month without sales, to turn most grocers against  these deceitful manufacturers of harmful, genetically-modified (bio-engineered)  processed, fast foods, and other toxic, consumer products.

Print out and use these 2 lists for shopping (while waiting for your garden to grow) "Blacklisted: GMO Supporting Food Companies to Avoid" at, and  from you will find listed (with each of their brand-name logos, for immediate recognition)


Find other ways of "Promoting Sustainable Agriculture" at, and get other solutions for fighting back globally at BEFORE IT'S NEWS, "It's Time To Unite and  Fight Back"!
Also see: 
from the Dr. Oz TV show, introducing the Health Ranger Mike Adams, of (where they are now in the process of lab-testing all of our foods) 


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