Belize in Central America is the
"Jewel of the Caribbean"

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Belize & the Maya History, by bestdestinations


The big "Blue Hole" and the largest barrier reef in the Northern hemisphere can be found in Belizean waters.

While some families go for vacation in tropical Belize, others go there for affordable, safe, off-grid living, in this English-speaking Latin-America country.  At less than half the price of U.S. living, Belize's self-sustaining resources are highly prized, and suitable for, either a primary residence, vacation home, or a prepper's safe haven.  


In Belize it's not uncommon to have a year-round garden growing in the front yard, along with a variety of  free-range animals in the backyard.  Everyone saves captured-rain-water in cisterns, and  many take advantage of grid-free solar power from the equatorial sunshine (and it's not illegal either). 
If this lifestyle is beckoning you and your family away from the poverty of over-taxed high-rise city dwellings, expensive food, water, and electricity; or you just need to feel free again, consider this your personal invitation to paradise~


Homegrown eggs (and chicken dinners)  are an inexpensive source of  nutritious protein, as well as making fun pets for the kids.


Goats and sheep provide the dairy products, if you don't want cows.


Horses can provide emergency transportation, and they will mow the lawn. 
Coconut, papaya, and banana trees abound in this tropical climate, and vegetable gardens grow  easily year around.  Plant life stays green   throughout the year. 

Collected rain water will shower the crops throughout brief, dry summer months.  And there are no chemtrails or radiation to contaminate the abundance of rain water captured in home-cistern tanks.