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The videos here are to be used in conjunction with Family Safety/Defense at Home & Abroad (below).  Friend and Safety Expert, Shooter Guru has helped us put together a Family-Defense & Safety Guide for protecting our families.  

As an Australian shooter, Range Safety Officer, Handgun Club Captain, Volunteer Fire-Fighter, Author, and family man, Shooter Guru's business is providing precautionary solutions for family defense to ensure positive outcomes.  This is what you should know about firearm selection and safety, if you have decided to arm yourself for the purpose of defending your family and property, in accordance with local laws.

Please take precautions when choosing appropriate home defense firearms, and adhere to mandatory safe handling (as shown below) and storage, especially around your children and loved ones.  View the following videos explaining the basics of using firearms in defense of home and family.


 4 Rules of Handgun Safety


Israeli Point Shooting


  The video below reviews proper use of "recommended" home-defense firearm. 

Stoeger Outback Tactical 12-Gauge Review

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Family Safety/Defense at Home & Abroad
(Use in conjunction with our Home Defense videos above!)

Know Your Surroundings

Always stay aware of your surroundings, whether at home or abroad, and avoid unnecessary risk-taking, especially at night.  Keep your family close, because there’s safety-in-numbers. 

If you go looking for trouble you will probably find it, late at night and in sparsely populated low-lit areas, so don’t wander off.  Have fun together but be prepared for the unexpected.

Research your family’s travel areas of interest, as shown in the Global-Incident Map and plan accordingly.  Inquire about laws and recommendations for carrying and concealing, weapons of self-defense, at home and abroad.

Family Safety & Protection
Coopers colour codes describes the states of alertness*

Whether you are at home or traveling you will always have 2 choices; to either defend yourself and your family, or be victimized.  Protection of your family, yourself, and your property is a God-given right, and responsibility.  It is not the responsibility of government, police, or military.  Consider the facts before deciding.

Statistics tell us that at some point in a person’s lifetime they will probably experience an act of violence toward themselves or loved ones.  Regrettably there are people devoid of moral conscience, some with mental disorders, capable of inflicting physical pain.   Likewise current socioeconomic factors have the potential of turning ordinary folks into outlaws; so why not be prepared?

Defensive Choices

Although the notion makes sense that your life is not worth losing over what’s inside your wallet, some still do regardless of their compliance to criminal demands.  If you are unable to get away, and you choose to comply with an attacker’s demands, you relinquished any control you might have had over the situation, and will be victimized.

Your other choice is to fight back using any means necessary.  A Taser, pepper spray, or even grabbing nearby objects, to defend against a would-be attacker could give you enough control of the situation to get away. The obvious choice is to be armed with your own firearm, as the other choices listed will probably not disable your attacker.

Know the Laws

Familiarize yourself with city, state and federal laws regarding carrying, or traveling with concealed weapons of self-defense.  Comply with licensing paperwork regulations and fees, mandated courses for safe-handling and practical usage, and keep up-to-date with changes to laws and applied-safety precautions.

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*R.I.P.S.A.W. Personal Safety Tips Chart

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