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Yellowstone Super Volcano

Types of Volcano Hazards - USGS
Information has been flooding the internet about potential disasters, but most recently involving Russian planes flying off the U.S. Pacific coastline. 
Apparently  on a scientific mission, and finding magnetic anomalies (like those preceding major quakes) Russia has issued grim warnings for the entire northwestern U.S. and Canadian regions. 
This prompted Twinas' new God-Science pieces on “Quakes Imminent”, “Supermoons”, and “Radiation Alert” by our International Correspondent Elias Fragakis.

Could all these activities be pointing us to a volcanic eruption of Biblical proportions? See the important information in the following videos, covering the last several months, on Yellowstone's Super Volcano. Please make preparations now to survive, as shown in Twinas' “Emergency Disaster Preparations”.

But don't take our word for it, see for yourself, then make the necessary preparations. You've been warned!  Watch the official USGS “Volcano Hazards Program” page to see if the Yellowstone volcano goes up to an “elevated status”,  and stay informed about the facts, as listed here:

We are shown how historic volcanoes have caused earth-changes in the past, and then get to see tell-tale signs that the Yellowstone Super Volcano is causing park grounds to swell. We get visual proof that the magma is rising, and heating up the park floor to such an extent that the roads are melting.

If you have ever driven through the hot deserts of Arizona, or traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, in the summertime (with temperatures upwards to 120 degrees) you do see heat waves emanating off the black-asphalt roads. However we have never witnessed those roads melting, or pulling away from the ground, even during the worst heat waves.

Although Yellowstone-Geyser data, such as temperature readings, were not available when this video was made, there was some speculation as to whether the U.S. Geological Survey was failing to release it.  Shown are private-party videos clearly displaying extremely active, smoking vents, throughout the park.
Old Faithful Geyser - USGS
In the 1970s I remember waiting an entire hour to see Yellowstone's “Old Faithful” geyser, from a nearby road in the car. 
My friends and I didn't really want to walk to it, along the geyser boardwalk, as it is perched right on top of an active volcano.  No one knows exactly when volcanos will erupt, and I still would not want to take that chance.

These are not normal, animal migrations as they forage for food in the snow, but literally running away from the park, fleeing by the herds.  Just as a pet owner knows their animal will hide, bark, shake, or run away during thunderstorms and fireworks. 
Before moderate-to-large earthquakes, most animals, and domesticated pets tend to get crazed.  Our rescue dogs sure did, feeling ground movement, before Baja's 7.2 magnitude Easter Quake (2010). 

It appears that United States Government officials have been making generous financial offers to other nations, hoping to evacuate, and house millions of Americans (or at least those who survive) the Yellowstone Super Volcano devastation. 
As other nations are more transparent with their news than America is, we now know the U.S. Government has been expecting this super-volcanic eruption to occur for quite some time. Thank God for foreign-news alerts via the internet.

From Code Searcher dotnet: “Yellowstone” (in the Bible/Torah code)

You might want to start this fascinating video at 5:12 where he begins his warning about the next 7 months (from video date March, to October coinciding with the 2nd blood moon of 2014).
Find all the Yellowstone-related Bible codes, revealing God's judgments for a nation who has turned away from Him. Could Yellowstone be the breaking of the 6th seal, as cited in the book of Revelation?

This is news from a Biblical perspective.  You will need to prepare your family, covering them with the protection of God, and by faith, giving your hearts to Jesus. 
Evangelist Anita will give you the news, and then help you turn your life over to Christ. She gives out her contact information, as she wants to hear from you, and  help you and your family find Jesus, and stay strong in the Lord.
You have a lot to watch, and re-watch, then even more to consider.  Make a plan for your family, and then please begin implementing it immediately!