Incredible Universe - Twins in August Skies

Twins in
August Skies 2014

with Elias Fragakis for Twinas

NASA's Concept Picture:  Binary (Pulsar) Star System

Discover NASA's Astrophysics concept of a neutron star (or pulsar) located within in 1 of our constellations. This star is actually a binary system of twin-closely-orbiting stars, producing strong radio signals, that turn on and off, as explained here:

Next learn the details of this first-ever "Rosetta" comet mission (space-landing) onto a rare, “contact-binary” twins comet, with unique footage as shown in the included video!  Remember the wild-space-adventure movie "Armageddon" (landing in space, on an orbiting comet - to deflect it away from the earth)?  Could this be our Armageddon movie?
ESA Photo:  Twin Comet will be Orbiting Between Mars & Earth

Then witness double (and triple) planetary conjunctions, summertime constellations, meteor showers, and so much more in:

Tonight's Sky:August 2014 Constellations,
Deep-Sky Objects, Planets and Events 

And finally, this August, twin celestial events will be competing for your summer nighttime viewing, in spectacular ways, as described here:

Supermoon vs Perseid Meteor Shower - 
Spectacular Celestial Show

Also be sure to check out Twinas' Summer of Supermoons 2014 for event dates on this summer's largest, and brightest of 3 supermoons, occurring between twin blood moons. Do they really forecast love, or warn of impending catastrophe?


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