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Disease Prevention

Fighting Back!
In the wake of one of the most catastrophic disease outbreaks of this century, our investigations revealed  some important things you need to know, to keep your family safe, protected, and disease free!
Just as Comet Negra foretold the Black Death, as it passed over earth in the 14th century, this last year 2013, (dubbed the year of the comet) may have also predicted another deadly out-break with the Ebola virus catastrophe of 2014!

Further investigation suggests that the Black Death was  actually not a flea-infested, rat-carried Bubonic Plague at all, but  that it presented symptoms similar to the Ebola-Hemorrhagic-Fever pandemic like we are seeing today.

If this is the case, then we might just know how to prevent the onset, and spread of this epidemic through prevention, just as the survivors of the 14th century Black Plague did!  Unfortunately modern medicine, with antibiotics, and other assorted drug therapies, have not helped to cure this current Ebola outbreak.  So we must take action right now!

What You Can Do To Protect Your Family
Garlic, Onions & Water

Two important home-grown necessities are garlic and onions.  Find out how to grow your own, in our Garden Fresh section (scroll down for garlics & herbs) because these have a reputation as nature's own potent antibiotics.  Remarkably enough they  had also been found in homes of those surviving the 14th century Ebola-type hemorrhagic-fever, more  commonly referred to as the Black Death.
Cook with these savory herbs for flavor and health, grow them in pots, indoors or outside, and keep them marinating in glass jars filled up with olive oil, to chew for immediate relief of high fever.
Chewing raw garlic cloves will bring down a fever faster than most doctor-prescribed, or over-the-counter medications, that we had ever tried on my febrile-seizure prone son (high fevers typically trigger seizure activity).  Without the drug side effects, garlic will only leave a bad taste in the mouth.  Drinking plenty of bottled water to counter the bad, raw-garlic taste will also treat the dehydration that accompanies a high fever.

10-a-Day Fruits & Veggies Challenge

Many of you may already be familiar with my health challenge for family and friends, to increase the number of disease-fighting nutrients consumed daily, and help build a strong immune system.  Join us and get well, it works! 

Newsmax Health just reported on a Harvard study, citing only 5 servings of fruits and vegetables will "boost longevity"!  However my claim of eating 10-a-day will fill anyone up to the point of: 1)  decreasing GMO-poisoned fast-food consumption, 2) adding more phyto-nutrients to the diet (equivalent to vitamins), and 3) eating all this, without gaining unhealthy pounds.

My 10-a-Day Fruits & Veggies Challenge is easy for anyone to do, just add it to your meats, dairy, and grains, although you won't be able to eat as much as before.  Did you know that homemade salsa and chips contain between 5-to-10 fruits, veggies, and herbs?  Learn how to make Twinas Salsas and indulge.


What about Twinas frosty-cold fruit Smoothies made easy like these (scroll to bottom), or Twinas 5-to-10-veggie Salads once a day?  Eat like this - to get well and stay healthy!

Natural News Recommendations

Natural News recommendations that I also believe, and do myself, are to get plenty of sunshine, referring to it as a "full-spectrum medicine", and eating the exotic Mangosteen fruit daily (or use it powdered in smoothies) as it's rumored to fight off disease. 

Now we are finding that  both sunshine, and the Mangosteen fruit can heal cancer too, according to documented scientific case-studies, with articles on the Natural News web site.  Pure powdered Mangosteen fruit can be purchased by clicking on any of the Natural News product ads (on our side banners) and then typing in Mangosteen.  It is well worth the price.

Surgical Masks

Buy a package of inexpensive cloth or fiber surgical masks, and wear them out (as shown) when traveling close to home or abroad, to crowd functions or events, and even while grocery shopping.  We now know that the Ebola virus is airborne, carried by water particles in the air, so put them on your children too!

Pray over your family, and know that your chances of survival are very good, because our ancestors did survive this, many years ago.  God bless and protect us all.