In 2002, Christian movie producer Rich Christiano released his first full-length movie “Time Changer” starring a number of well-known Hollywood actors; Gavin McLeod (Love Boat), Hal Linden (Barney Miller), Richard Riehle (West Wing), Jennifer O’Neill (Summer of ’42), comedian Paul Rodriguez, and more.  With a budget of less than $1M, “Time Changer” tells a time-travel story of Professor Russell Carlisle (D. David Morin) with important missing credits from his book's manuscript.
In this science-fiction plot, Professor Carlisle works at a Bible Seminary in the year 1890, and is seeking the unanimous approval of the Seminary trustees to publish his book.   Dr. Norris Anderson (MacLeod) objects over the omission of the name of Jesus Christ, and civilized arguments ensue as Dr. Carlisle defends what he sees as the harmless teaching of “good moral values” for life.
Dr. Anderson considered such teachings worthless, without mentioning the name of the one who gave the moral laws for living – Jesus Christ. To prove his point to an obstinate Dr. Carlisle, Dr. Anderson invites him to his home to explain his reluctance for approving a book which he knows will add to the decline of Christianity in the future. 
Apparently Dr. Anderson’s father had developed a time-travel machine, and persuades Dr. Carlisle to be sent over 100 years into the future, to the 21st Century, for the experience of a lifetime! What Dr. Carlisle observes in the future is a corrupt state of the American church, Christianity, and society.
Teleporting from 1890, when an outrageous 5% of marriages ended in divorce, Dr. Carlisle is shocked to discover today over 50% of marriages end in divorce, and disappointed at the current state of the church, lacking enthusiasm or passion for winning lost souls.  This movie from 2002, speaks about today's corrupted society in 2013.  Read more about this family-film reviewed at Bernie Lutchman's Family Ministry.
Time Changer” is well written and highly recommended for anyone searching for the truth. It makes for an easy Saturday-night-in-with-the-family movie, so get the popcorn and pick up a “Time Changer” DVD through the "Christian Family Movies" link to the right and below (for such a time as this).
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