The Biblical Noah!
Ray Comfort's
As reviewed by Bernie Lutchman for Twinas
Popular (and sometimes controversial) Evangelist Ray Comfort has done it again! Hot on the heels of his life-changing (and popular to millions of viewers) Pro-life movie "180" and the even more controversial "Evolution vs. God", Ray and his Living Waters ministry has gotten out in front of the upcoming multi-million dollar Paramount "Biblical Epic" Noah movie- NOAH AND THE LAST DAYS.

Using his now trademark modus operandi of releasing fast moving and unique docu-interview movies which are released FREE and directly to YouTube with videos financed by supporters as evangelism tools, Ray Comfort has not only filled in the glaring gaping holes left open by the Russell Crowe NOAH movie, but given the TRUE lesson of the Flood.

After viewing the just released movie (soon to be out free on YouTube) it is clear that Ray Comfort has now become the True Voice of One Crying in America. The prophetic proclamations are evident as these modern days are even more corrupt, and evil, than those in the days of Noah.
There is absolutely no difference between the depraved state of mankind from over 2,500 years ago as recorded in Genesis 6, and the perversions predicted in Romans 1:18-32.  Read more of Bernie's stunning review on the real "Noah and the Last Days" movie,  and the official trailer here.
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