Evolution Vs. God ENTERTAINMENT!

Evolution Vs. God: 
Shaking the Foundations of Faith
by Ray Comfort (2013)

MOVIE REVIEW by Bernie Lutchman
Recommendation: Five Stars!

The brand new movie by evangelist, author, and television preacher, Ray Comfort is going to create even more controversy than the life-changing pro-life movie he created a few years ago, “180”.   The new film by Ray is “Evolution Vs. God” which will do more to expose the fraud, lies, and deception of evolution, than a million preachers could do from the pulpit.

In just 45 minutes, Ray uses the words of some of the most credentialed atheists, and college professors, exposing the false ideology of evolution, by their own statements.   Ray Comfort uses his trademark technique of short, probing questions to put together an undeniable narrative, drawing from some of the biggest minds in American academia and their victims, the students they indoctrinate.

This movie is so well done, and so fair in its content, that one of the world’s biggest atheists, Professor Richard Dawkins of Princeton, has been tweeting support for its viewing, and acceptance!  Is there something happening here?

The basic lie of evolution is that it is “scientific”, however no one has ever really pinned down these people about the validity of their science.  The premise being, for science to be valid, a theory must be observed, and able to be repeated with the same outcome (the standard scientific method).  So that begs the question; who has observed the big bang?

No one alive has observed the big bang, and neither has the process been repeated through scientific method, which only lends evidence to the contrary.   What this movie reveals is mere rebellion against God by these highly-educated, albeit lost souls; even using the phrase “accepting by faith” conceding to the fact evolution is their religion.

The movie’s reality-show/documentary feel keeps the viewer hooked (for the fastest 45 minutes of viewing I've ever experienced).  The key individuals questioned were biology professors from the University of Southern California (USC) and the University of Minnesota (Morris).   And it is not just the academic leaders who are exposed as buffoons in this movie, but those they instruct, our young people, who have been willfully deceived.

The fruits of generations of ungodly indoctrination, by our public-academic institutions is horrifying, and becomes obvious to the viewer, it is the underlying cause of hopelessness within our youth today.  Hopelessness  stemming from lack of self-worth, by forcefully being taught the evolution lie, and made to believe they "evolved" from a big bang (and primates) instead of the wonderful creations they are, from a loving Father God Almighty.

The movie “Evolution vs. God” is the perfect title for this soon-to-be epic, due to flood college campuses, and everywhere else this fall.  Most mainstream Hollywood movies have been spectacular failures this summer (2013) lacking in substance and eternal impact.   However this independent film has eternal impact, and will most likely reach millions more worldwide than most Hollywood films could.

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