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Monumental is a must see for all the family, and especially children, who are at risk of being brainwashed by "history-revisionists" (with their own agenda) 5 Stars!  

Evangelist/Actor/Producer Kirk Cameron (The Way of the Master) does an amazing job of relating historical facts about the Founding of the most powerful and influential Christian nation in the world – America – into the current status of a nation adrift, and in a moral, spiritual, and financial crisis.

What will captivate you about this film is the fast-moving narrative of logical truths about the Christian foundations of the United States of America.

Kirk Cameron speaks of a leader who tripled the National Debt and called himself a Christian, yet spent most of his productive years as a king who persecuted Christians. That leader was not a modern-day Washington-political figure, but King James, whose name has forever been associated with the greatest version of the bible – The King James Version!

The movie Monumental is a timely reminder for the people of the North American continent, primarily the United States, who have not only forgotten their roots, but do not know them at all! 

For some startling historic facts, plus an engaging history-homeschool lesson for your kids, as well as the entire family, make sure to see the rest of this documentary, as reviewed for us, by TV Host & Ordained Evangelist Bernie Lutchman, at Bernie Lutchman's Family Ministry site, and then pick up the Monumental DVD! 

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Movie Review: "For Greater Glory"
DVD out on 9/11!

"FOR GREATER GLORY" - Two thumbs up and 4-1/2 stars!  

FOR GREATER GLORY was directed by big name Hollywood Director Dean Wright, who worked on huge blockbuster movies like Titanic, Lord of the Rings, and The Chronicles of Narnia! Prepare to be shocked and dismayed by what you see. RATED R for violence only, this is not a movie for the weak. 

This is a movie for those of us who believe in Religious Liberty and the Freedom to Live for Christ here daily, in the United States, and to practice openly in the market square, the absolute rights given by God and the US Constitution, which guarantees the Free Exercise of Religion!

The timeless war of Good versus Evil is evident in this movie about Faith and the Fall of man. The stunning fact about this incident in Mexican history is that it was wiped clean from their history books by successive governments, who did not want their citizens to know of the Socialist government attempt to eliminate both God and the Church from Mexico from 1924-1929! 

It was not until 1992, when things were fully corrected and the draconian marxist mandates and laws were removed from the laws of Mexico!

Briefly, the story revolves around Leftist dictator Plutarco Calles (Ruben Blades) and his government's edict to shut down ALL church services; deport all foreign born priests, pastors, missionaries and ministers and allow NO MORE religious expression in Mexico! 

He succeeded for many years because his "Federales" troops systematically set about seizing church property; killing priests and worshipers and burning down churches! This sparked a rebellion among the common people, whose very lives and existence were affected and led to the CRISTERO

Civil war broken out when a rogue priest named Father Vega and his sidekick general "Catorce" began successfully raiding government outposts. They enlisted the services of military genius, General Gorostieta (actor Andy Garcia) an atheist, to train a ragtag army.  Although he initially did not believe in God, soon became fully sold-out to the timeless concept of religious freedom, and died a believer, with a smile on his face! 

Read the rest of this compelling movie review at Bernie Lutchman's Family Ministry

Meet our friend & new Family Movie Reviewer, Author, and Ordained Evangelist, Bernie Lutchman, of Bernie Lutchman's Family Ministry!  He is a Bible-teaching Television Host in Central Illinois on Christian Television Network (CTN) affiliate WLCF, Decatur (Plumbline and panel member of Contemporary Living). And he is also the President of a growing non-denominational Men's Ministry "Business Men in Christ"!

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