Bacon Rolls with Dates


Bacon strips
Dates, pitted or not

Remove  rind off of sliced bacon strips and cut in half (each slice will make 2 rolls). If using non-pitted dates, carefully remove seeds from each one by making a lateral cut, to prevent waste. 

Wrap each date in a strip of bacon, pinning the roll with a toothpick straight through. After rolling dates in bacon strips, you can either put them in the oven until bacon turns golden brown, or you can fry them in a skillet with olive oil (about a finger deep). 

Once the oil begins to smoke, fry the rolls for 2 minutes until bacon is browned. Drain off excess oil and serve hot.

Stuffed Eggs


A can of Tuna in oil
A can of Sweet Red peppers, or use any leftover Spanish Red Pepper salad, in Salad Sensations 

Hard boil the eggs and when cooled, peel off shells, and then cut each one in half, taking care not to damage, when removing the yolks (which should be reserved). 

Mix the tuna, chopped olives, and finely chopped peppers, combining with the yolks to make a paste. Stuff this gently into egg whites, arranging filled egg halves onto  a plate, add mayonnaise, and sprinkle with grated or crumbled egg yolk. 

If you want you can decorate them with small pieces of olives and bell peppers before  serving on a lettuce base.

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