A.D. THE SERIES . . . 

the Bible Continues


REVIEW by Bernie Lutchman


Two years after a successful run with the BIBLE miniseries, on the History Channel, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey have accomplished something spectacular, which no ministry or Christian leader could have done alone. They managed to get the Almighty name of Jesus, the Son of God onto primetime television!
Additionally A.D. The Series was aired on a major media network, NBC (National Broadcasting Corporation). Whether or not this was a great marketing move for NBC (and we think it was), Jesus Christ and His Gospel is now going around the world, over the air, and completely uncensored!

There were obvious errors in moving the Biblical text to modern, American TV and/or movie production, but there will always be poetic license, liberty and alteration of God's word whenever man tries to bring powerful truths to television and movie theaters of the world.  Even with a successful run on NBC, Burnett and Downey may be hard-pressed to match the success of both "The Bible", and "AD The Series ... the Bible Continues".

As a student of the Bible, author, and observer of culture, there are certain pros and cons to be considered in this particular body of work, listed below.  Both are worth noting, for the sake of anyone who may consider watching these series from a website or Netflix. 


As aforementioned, the message of Jesus Christ, as the unmistakeable Son of God, Savior and Lord, who rose from the dead, is still stunning to me - on prime time, mainstream, network TV.  That alone is priceless!
Jesus appears to Saul on Road to Damascus in AD The Series
The second positive development is this time, Burnett and Downey stayed close to Scripture and the facts, than some of their creative paraphrasing of the“Bible Series” from 2 years ago. The History Channel series which launched A.D. was criticized by conservative and reformed scholars, of which I am one.
However I saw the value of The Bible Series, yet was called a heretic and unsaved pagan by some, because I supported the showing of The Bible Series!  A.D. the Series is also causing controversy, and conversation between people.
The third positive aspect of the showing of A.D. the Series is that it gave us a glimpse of how tough things were for the early church. Christians were displaced by the millions, chased out of their homes, murdered, beheaded, and worse, is confirmation that nothing has really changed for those who will inherit eternal life. The brutality of the Romans and the Jewish religious authorities against the followers of Christ, was phenomenal.  

And regardless if intended or not, A.D. The Series should have edited out their anti-Semitic notion that the Jews alone killed Jesus.  Anyone who has seen historic documentaries, or read books about the Roman Empire, can testify to the extreme nature of  the Romans.  Their  viciousness brought on a 300-year reign-of-terror in Rome, against our brothers and sisters in Christ.  It was only the supposed conversion of Emperor Constantine which ended the persecution.
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