Garden Fresh Fruit Trees

Growing Fruit Trees
by Becca Badgett

Growing fruit trees in the home orchard or even just growing a single tree or bush can be a rewarding project for those hoping to save money and eat healthy.  Let’s talk about planting fruit trees in the home landscape and when to expect an abundant harvest.
You can plant fruit trees or bushes at any time the ground is not frozen, however, the most successful growth and harvest will come from those planted at a time they can become established during times of relatively cool temperatures. Root systems become stronger and deeper when they are not competing with foliage growth. 

When choosing a time to plant fruit trees in your area, consider when temperatures soar and plant at least a couple months before or after that time. Spring, and particularly autumn, are the best times to plant fruit trees and bushes.
The frugal and ambitious gardener may want to start fruit trees from seeds. Give it a try to see how that works out for you, but consider having a backup. Seed grown trees often take many years to develop and the mature specimen may be weak, spindly or produce a limited harvest or none at all. 

If you’re serious about harvesting your own fruit, start out with a potted or bare root tree or bush. Keep in mind that some fruit trees need other trees of the same type for pollination, so do your research before you buy. You may need two or more of the same tree or bush. Some hybrids now come in self-pollinating varieties.



Often, the tree you purchase is grafted. This means the bottom of the tree, called a rootstock, is easy to get established and hardy and healthy once it reaches maturity. The top part of the tree, called the scion, produces the fruit. 

A grafted tree does not experience as much stress or have a penchant for attracting insects and diseases. Buying a healthy, vigorous tree to begin your growing experience will result in faster fruit production and fewer problems with care of your trees.

If you live in an area that’s too cold for the fruit tree you want to grow, consider planting it in large container that can be located in a sheltered area during the winter. 

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