Bible Series 3

 Final Miniseries Review
by Bernie Lutchman
Bible Epic miniseries (in 4-set DVD package)
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The Bible Epic miniseries airing weekly on cable TV, every Sunday over the Passover/Easter month of March, hit the first homerun of the season, as the MOST-WATCHED television show of 2013!
On Resurrection Sunday America saw the final two-hour episode of the controversial new Bible Epic miniseries, airing on the History/Lifetime cable TV channels.  Since it took the world by storm on the first Sunday in March, it has captured a combined audience of nearly 100 million viewers while turning hearts and stirring passions of people from every end of the political, social, and religious spectrum.

Bible Epic miniseries (in 4-set DVD package) 
available at
The final two hours of this Burnett/Downey production shook even the heartiest Christian to the core, with its authentic depiction of the trial, persecution, and execution of the world's Savior, Jesus Christ.  Feedback on social media sites as well as random conversations, with believers and non-believers alike, has been stunning.  All agree that they had never before seen the Crucifixion of Christ as portrayed in The Bible Epic miniseries.  Although less bloody than Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" it shook many to the point of tears (both male and female)!

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