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The surprise hit movie of 2014 is not the big-budget "NOAH" movie from Hollywood, but the offering from some wonderful folks at PURE FLIX, staring actor Kevin Sorbo. Their sleeper hit "GOD'S NOT DEAD" surprised the mainstream movie industry when it opened in only 780 screens across America, on Friday March 21, and ended up at #4 in the Box Office that weekend (the average Hollywood production launches in 3,000 or more screens, just as a gauge).

What makes this movie the potential blockbuster, not seen since 2004's "Passion of the Christ", is quality production (meet Christian Producer Anna Zielinksi below) combined with inspired-professional writing. The main story revolves around a freshman Christian student Josh Wheaton, who finds himself in a Philosophy class run by the vitriolic-atheist Professor Radisson, played by popular actor Kevin Sorbo (star of TV's Hercules & Andromeda).
Professor Radisson begins his class by telling all 80+ students that they must disavow God, by signing their name to a piece of paper stating "GOD IS DEAD". Josh is a Christian and comes face-to-face with his faith, or what his cultural "Christian" (and soon-to-be ex) girlfriend calls "his future".  
Josh Wheaton is the only student in his class who refuses to go against his belief.  He is immediately disliked by Professor Radisson, who then gives him 20 minutes (over three class periods) to prove the existence of God. This leads to several sub-plots, making this one of the best films I have ever seen! Continue reading more about this great film on Bernie's site: The Write Stuff

Kevin Sorbo is outstanding as "atheist" Professor Radisson





How does a young woman born in Harvard, Massachusetts, graduating from Louisiana Technical University, go from dancer for the NBA San Antonio Spurs, and bikini girl for the Amazon.com Kindle paperweight, end up as a producer for the biggest Christian movie in a decade?  Answer - dedication, talent, and sticking to the truth!

Forty-year-old Anna Zielinksi has stepped huge into the limelight, as producer of the surprise movie, and faith-based hit “GOD’s NOT DEAD”, which has taken the Christian world by storm. "God's Not Dead" has eclipsed all the Hollywood-hype over Paramount's Epic Film "NOAH" which is now out in theaters.
Not much is said about Anna Zielinski at this time, but her stretch from NBA San Antonio, TX, Spurs cheerleader, to acting, has lead her on a curiously wonderful journey. This journey has produced an increasingly renowned body of work within the Christian film production company PURE FLIX, which just keeps getting better.
Secular audiences may know Anna from "How I met Your Mother" and several other roles. She has been active on stage, and other solid roles, including the terrific end-times action-packed drama "JERUSALEM COUNTDOWN." Zielinski first broke into the Christian movie genre with a film called "Marriage Retreat", having had a personal connection with her own life.  Since that time her portfolio has become stunningly successful.
What impressed me the most was her movie "DANIEL" (Pure Flix 2013), which is based accurately on the great Old Testament prophet who impacted not just the Babylonian King, but the conquering Persians, and the "Wise Men" or magi of the Christmas story.  Anna Zielinski's reasoning for this fantastic portrayal of the gentle prophet of God, "Daniel" is in marked contrast to the recent controversy surrounding those who made a big-budget epic-fable on the Great Flood theme.  See her post-Daniel interview on Bernie's site "The Write Stuff - Anna's Interview"!
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