Candy-Cane Cookies & Breadsticks

Candy-Cane Shaped Cookies &

Cheese-Biscuit Bread Sticks

(A fun holiday Christmas-baking project with your kids)
History of the Candy-Cane
Instead of traditional pure-sugar Christmas candy-canes, we have options for you!  Cut out most of the sugar and make these easy candy-cane shaped cookies, and cheese-biscuit bread sticks. We even let you substitute your favorite cookie or biscuit recipes, if you wish.
History of the Candy-Cane
The Christmas candy-cane story goes something like this . . .
Once upon a time there was a candy maker who wanted to create a candy symbolizing the true meaning of Christmas, which is all about Jesus (after all, He is the reason for the season). So the candy maker designed a candy stick, or cane, which was curved at the top to represent a shepherd's staff (for the Lamb of God) which also becomes the letter "J" (for Jesus) when the staff is turned upside down.

And you may ask, what is the reason for the red and white colors chosen by the candy maker, entwined into one cane?  White represents the purity of Jesus, while the color red signifies the blood of Jesus, which He shed for us, to cover our sins.
Shortbread/Sugar-Cookie Candy-Canes

Using your family's favorite shortbread or sugar-cookie recipe, mix batter and form into palm-sized dough balls. Cut each dough ball in half, and with your hands, onto a flour-dusted counter top, or chopping block, roll each half into long tube-shaped strips (kids  call these long, fat worms).  Either is ok!
If you'd prefer, try making homemade Bisquick biscuits or using pre-made frozen, or pop-open canned biscuits. Cut each biscuit into two sections, and follow the rolling instructions above.
To create the two red-and-white striped, and entwined canes, you and your kids will be rolling individual dough strips into red or green, and white sprinkles, pre-poured onto separate plates. You can use your choice of any of the below-listed sprinkles, imbedding them into the biscuits, or cookie rolls. 
Red - roll one strip into crushed and crumbled candy canes, or red-hot candies, even ground cinnamon powder with-or-without table sugar, and/or into red sugar-frosting sprinkles.

White - roll into white, clear, or green sugar-frosting sprinkles.

Twist the two strips around one another, and after placing onto a buttered cookie sheet, curve the top section into the shape of a shepherd's staff. Follow the baking instructions cited for the bread sticks below.
Pepper-Cheese Breadsticks

Using baking-biscuit dough, and rolling into worm strips, as explained above, roll into the bread-stick toppings (below) to create red-and-white candy-cane shaped breadsticks.
Red - roll in either chili powder, or wrap in pimento strips (available in small jars, marinated), even fresh-or-dried red-pepper bits (hot).

Green - roll into dried parsley flakes, or chives (optional).

White - roll in either powdered Parmesan cheese, powdered milk, or use a white string-cheese stick, instead of a dough stick.
Twist a red (or green), and white strip around one another, place onto a buttered baking sheet, and curve into a cane shape. Bake according to packaged-dough recipe instructions. However you can try baking them in a 400 degree oven for 10 to 12 minutes, just make sure to remove  them, prior to browning.  And do not burn!

Expect them to puff up a little, and allow your candy-cane cookies or bread sticks to cool, prior to removing from the cookie sheet (so they don't break apart). Place onto a flat surface to cool completely before serving, or gifting.  And have a very Merry Christmas!