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2017 USA Twitter-Conference Tour

Emma Illies on Twitter @illwah

Australian Twitter expert, Emma Illies, is holding several exclusive, social-media conferences from April 10 to April 28, 2017, to help local businesses build awareness in the world of social media, and create a strong, new client base.  Bringing together her vast knowledge of business, and Twitter, the conferences aim to bring local businesses together, to teach the importance of an online presence.
2017 Southern USA Twitter-Conference Tour

Emma says; “I am so excited to be able to help so many businesses actually achieve something noteworthy with their Twitter accounts. Many businesses have social media accounts, but just don’t know how to use them to increase sales and awareness.”

The conferences aim to teach American business owners how to increase their client base, how-and-what to Tweet, and ways to increase their search engine optimization.

Jasper, TX, April 10th

Ranking as the 10th highest social-media influencer in Australia, Emma has made it into eight top Forbes lists, here in America too. A lot of people do not know that Emma has a rare spinal disease, but it has never stopped her from achieving what she sets her mind to do. Emma first started Twitter after she found herself bed ridden for 18 months, following a huge back operation. While bedridden she started gaining an enormous online following, and people began asking her to help them with their Twitter accounts.
Kountze/Silsbee, TX, April 12th

Emma confided; “I honestly was just so bored, that I began Twitter, and as my following grew, people began to ask how I was doing it, and if I could I do it for them too. As an entrepreneur I saw a niche that wasn’t being filled, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.”

She explains; “I am the world's most positive person. I honestly see my back problem as a blessing, because it taught me how to make the most out of any situation. Without it, I would not have gained the knowledge I now have about Twitter, and wouldn’t be helping businesses all over the world achieve the optimum in social media.”

Shreveport, LA, April 18th

Emma's unique business is built upon years of her own personal experiences, managing her own Twitter account. It has grown organically from a demand of business owners, wanting to utilize her skills, through repeat business and new referrals.

“I could have never foreseen what this business would become. It has been so humbling, and I feel so blessed to have this opportunity,” reveals Emma. She will be holding six conferences on this trip to America, with many more dates, and locations promised for future trips.
New Orleans, LA, April 20th

Emma claims; “Taking the time to work with each individual business is also very important to me. I am including one-on-one coaching sessions the next day, so we can work with each business, to create a personalized strategy, that they will be able to follow.”

She continues; “I always say that a business going into social media, without a strategy, is like buying a car when you don’t know how to drive - there is almost no point. I want to help businesses create their own strategy, professionally tailored to them, not just a cookie-cutter version.”
Nashville, TN, April 24th


With so many businesses trying to be the ‘Jack-of-all-trades, by spreading themselves too thinly, over too many social-media platforms, it’s time to do things properly, and become the master of one. Head on over to Emma’s website, to book your conference-of-choice, before they sell out!

Cincinnati, OH, April 27th

April Conference Dates and Locations:

10th – Jasper, Texas

12th – Kountze/Silsbee, Texas

18th – Shreveport, Louisiana

20th – New Orleans, Louisiana

24th – Nashville, Tennessee

27th – Cincinnati, Ohio

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