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The problems with modern Hollywood trying to make Bible movies to reach the majority interested in viewing faith-and-family movies are multifold, as with anything we do, we must believe in a product for it to impact our lives. 
Unlike popular epics such as the 1956 "TEN COMMANDMENTS" (Cecil B. DeMille) or even Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" from a decade ago, the current crop of jump-on-the-Bible-movie-bandwagon producers have basically two things in mind: money and agenda, rather than historic, honest narrative.

Cecil B. DeMille and Mel Gibson both made their blockbuster movies impactful, (becoming financially successful) for a reason - because the historic accounts, the stories of the ages, have forever impacted humanity.  Although many of the actors did not necessarily believe in God, or the Bible, they did understand accuracy, and appreciated the intelligence of their audiences, and demographics (mainly Christians here and around the world).
DeMille himself would spend 2-3 years researching the Bible, before he got the script together to begin shooting his film. The result was the biggest Bible movie ever produced. The thinking behind these two  current Bible-based super-flops, out of Hollywood in 2014, are almost opposite the style of classic film-making and honest, Biblical scripting DeMille was known for, in the golden age of Hollywood!
The first flop was NOAH, starring Russell Crowe (an avowed atheist). The film makers turned Biblical truths into fantasies, offensive to Christians, Jews, and even those with only basic Biblical knowledge.  
Bringing a series to mind on the Great Flood of Noah's era, which aired on NBC-TV over decade ago. The fiction in that was also just as bizarre, so Saturday Night Live did a stinging parody of it, sending the NBC-TV series into oblivion.

It is against this background we take a look at "EXODUS - Gods and Kings" (released on December 12, 2014) starring Christian Bale (as Moses), directed by Ridley Scott, and produced by FOX.  For the rest of this no-holds-barred non-Biblical-movie review, make sure to visit:
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