Food Fight - Poison in Our Foods

Fight For Your Life!
You are probably aware of the importance we put on growing and cooking your own foods at Twinas, with sections on gardening, plus numerous healthy and delicious, Latin-flavored recipes to cook for breakfast, lunch, dinner, salsas, drinks, desserts, etc., etc. 

But now we need to take Twinas a step further by discussing the poisons within our food supply, and for the sake of our health, what we can do about it!
The Renegade Health Ranger: Mike Adams, Pt 1
Television's Dr. Oz recently had the "The Health Ranger, Mike Adams" (of Natural News) on his show, describing him as "The Whistleblower Who Found Poison in America's Food" (watch Dr. Oz here).

The show description has Dr. Oz asking; "How did toxic metals get into some organic foods?"  Then explains; "A renegade activist uncovered the disturbing truth about America’s healthiest foods. You’ll be shocked to find out how manufacturers are getting away with it."

Dr. Oz continues; "Activist Mike Adams is ready to lead a health revolution."

And the truth is told, right on American Television;

"Dr. Oz and Mike Adams reveal the truth about the ingredients in the foods you’re putting in your body. Find out which poisonous chemicals he has found in everyday foods."

The Renegade Health Ranger: Mike Adams, Pt 2
Although Dr. Oz does not endorse products . . . we can!  And we strongly endorse the Health Ranger's Natural News lab-tested-and-labeled-for-purity health products, because we use them ourselves, and attest to their glowing-health benefits.  

Please see Natural News health products premiered on both side banners, and below.  Click through any of his product links, order, and discover for yourself how you can get healthy, based upon your family's individual health needs.
My kids  and I enjoy frozen-fruit smoothies that compliment Natural News products, such as their  heavy-metals detox, and other assorted, nutritional health powders.  We eat it just like ice cream all summer long! (Scroll to bottom for smoothie directions.)

I was barely able to get these pictures of my fussy eaters, devouring summertime-ice-creamy-fruit-health smoothies (my teen wouldn't remove his headphones and this toddler finished 3 bowls)!  No one had time to smile for the camera!                               On your mark, get set, GO . . .  

Easy Smoothies    
Into a blender add:
1 handful each of:
Frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, frozen seedless grapes, frozen papaya pieces and/or frozen mango chunks, but you could also use frozen pineapple chunks, frozen banana slices, frozen cantaloupe pieces, pitted plums, applesauce, etc. (approx. 4 handfuls of different frozen fruits)
(Keep washed, trimmed, and cut fruit pieces in freezer baggies, ready for smoothie-making)
1 tsp. each of:
Your choice of Natural News Protein Powders, Detox, Mangosteen, Clean Chlorella, Hawaiian Spirulina, etc. (depending on your health goals)
Fill blender up to a 3/4 mark with:
Coconut water or milk, sweet nut milks, fresh dairy milk, orange juice, apple juice, or  a combination of your family's favorites
(Optional ingredients may include 1 tsp. ground cinnamon or allspice, vanilla extract, turmeric, etc. - NO sugar necessary)
Blend on low, and slowly work up to a high speed, for a couple of minutes, then pour into cups or bowls, depending on smoothie thickness.
(You can freeze any leftovers in a home-popsicle maker for healthy smoothie pops too!)