The Mark Movie Review



“THE MARK” is recommended as a top-quality entertainment action-thriller for a cold wintry night and should have us searching our own souls. The movie ends with a brief preview of the soon-to-be-released sequel “THE MARK – REDEMPTION!  I gave it FIVE STARS!  

If a movie can hold your attention at 3 o’clock in the morning, New Year’s Day, you know it was worth watching! One of PURE FLIX’s latest offerings “THE MARK” is very well written, produced, and executed. Released in 2012, THE MARK is serious business!

Troubling End-Time days are already here, as the one-world system has already developed the microchip which is referred to as “The Mark of the Beast” in the Book of Revelation (Chapter 13:16-18).  This movie takes place almost entirely on a Boeing 747 flight on Pacific Airways to Berlin, via Thailand.
Viciously-evil mercenaries led by Gary Daniels' character Joseph Pike, are on board the flight to capture a human guinea-pig named Chad Turner, played by actor Craig Sheffer, who'd been implanted with a microchip wanted by a shady-political figure!  Eric Roberts turns in an incredibly-revealing performance as the corporate mastermind behind Chad’s implant.

Through a fast-moving sequence of events, Chad becomes an unlikely hero, rescuing the remnant of passengers left behind on the aircraft (including a Christian pastor) when a sudden flash of light from Heaven removes all believers in Jesus Christ, for the Rapture! The pastor and Chad realize that the implanted microchip really is the “Mark of the Beast”!

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