Crafts for Kids

Fun Container Crafting for Kids

Painted Shipping Box for toy box
Lay out newspapers before paint or gluing projects
and always supervise your children while crafting.

Art Therapy

Painted Cardboard Box Organizer

When you have a group of kids to entertain, why not allow them to design their own organizers, memory-boxes,  toy boxes, and coin banks, as a form of art therapy?  Repurpose old cardboard and/or plastic containers, using what you have on hand. 

Allow your kids to visualize their containers based on the art supplies you set out, and help them decorate as needed.  Encourage them to try different painting techniques, an assortment of paint brushes, or add decoration wherever needed.

Fabric-Covered Box for art papers & supplies
 Paint and decorate with water-based paints and glues (for easy cleanup), along with shells, nail polish colors, rocks, buttons, beads, ice cream sticks, curling ribbons, stickers, wrapping papers, marbles, seed-pods, pine-cones, yarn, worn-out clothing pieced together, etc.  

Glue everything down using white-craft glue, spray adhesive, glue dots, or cool-glue gun.  Parent or teacher can then add an optional top-coat of clear high-gloss spray over the top (outdoors and away from kids) and allow projects enough time to dry thoroughly. 

 Shell Memory Box (plastic container)

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