Mariachi Meals

Open-Faced Tacos,
pile them as high as you like!

Using the same ingredients as in our Mariachi Meals: Tacos, along with your family's favorite buffet-style meat, seafood, beans, rice, cheese, salads, and salsas! Pile your tortilla as high as you like with these healthy food combinations!

To create an optional tortilla salad "bowl" bake a flour tortilla over the outside of a jello-mold type pan in the oven, on low for a couple of minutes.  Or fry in a very small frying pan, using a little olive oil, until corn or flour tortillas get puffy and crisp.  Allow to cool before serving.

Salad lovers and vegetarians can create their favorite salads, over a tortilla spread with beans, rice, and cheeses, or any combination of ingredients you lay out for them.


Dips can also be presented  Tostada-style along with tortilla chips or veggies for dipping, as these shown here.


Tostadas can also be served warm or grilled, with cheese melted over beans, meat, seafood, or rice and then garnished with avocado slices, lime and cilantro, with a dash of sour cream or topped with olive slices.  It is entirely up to you.