Handmade Cards & Gifts

Keepsake Cards
Easy enough for kids to make too!

Why not save money and make your own cards for family, friends, and anyone else you're not planning to send an email-card to?  For those you will be seeing face-to-face, you better have cards ready to hand out to them for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, or weddings.  

Your cards can still be very elegant whether or not they are handmade.  Following the video instructions and using card-stock paper (or cut poster-board) plus lots of hearts you cut yourself (or store-bought doilies) with a few simple ribbons tied into bows, as well as other personalized touches, you will be able to create your own keepsake cards. 

Why not include a favorite Bible scripture inside your cards?  You could also rubber-stamp a greeting (inside or out), as well as write a meaningful poem from your heart, and your card will be cherished by the receiver.

Homemade Gifts from the Heart

Kids can also create, with adult supervision!

Homemade gifts for Valentine's Day, Mother's & Father's Days, weddings, as well as birthdays, work best in this economy. All you need to do is personalize each one, according to the recipient.  Have your kids join in, and together you can create beautiful gifts, while teaching them creativity skills.

Use items you have on hand, but no longer use (as described in the video) by cutting up used clothing, tattered doilies, or stained tablecloths, as well as past-gift ribbons, old earrings, jewelry trinkets, shells, toys, etc., to create unique gifts. 

You can even save and then melt, old candles  and crayons, in a microwaveable container, to create new candle gifts. Anything else you can imagine to repurpose, will save your family a lot of money, while supplying homemade gifts from your heart.  Have fun!