3 BLIND SAINTS” Movie Review

By Bernie Lutchman for Twinas Latinas

3 BLIND SAINTS(now available on DVD) is a movie to watch with the entire family, over this special Christmas season!  I gave it 2 thumbs up and Five Stars!

A relatively unknown movie, made by a church in Kansas City, Missouri, is our choice for the Twinas’ Movie review this holiday season! As the world is preparing to celebrate “the most wonderful time of the year” (my favorite Christmas song) “3 BLIND SAINTS” is just the kind of warm, funny movie with a much-needed message of hope, second chances, and redemption we need right now!

The story revolves around three overgrown adolescents, in their late thirties, who have no faith, no future, and no foundation in anything except their own lifestyles, an endless pursuit of the next cheap adventure.  The three wild men are Sam (Richard Speight Jr.; Independence Day), Jamal (Elijah Rock; Crenshaw Nights) and Frankie (Stelio Savante; A Beautiful Mind).  While on their “next” adolescent jaunt, these 3 end up in front of a small-town judge in handcuffs.

This small town is mostly owned or controlled by the corrupt Rusty Pickens (Hollywood actor Barry Corbin; Northern Exposure, No Country for Old Men, and new TV series Army Wives), and the one local church in Rocky Road is in desperate need of a pastor, after losing the last few (under questionable circumstances). The church “leadership” is made up of the corrupt Rusty Pickens and his henchwoman.

In order to make an arrangement beneficial to all, Rusty offers the Judge a deal, to release Sam, Jamal, and Frankie into his custody for a week and they will go “straight” as the new pastors of Rocky Road Community Church!  What follows is a series of fast moving comedic situations, which real pastors face in churches, made up of a variety of individuals in different stages of spiritual development!

However Rusty and these men are more interested in the collection plate! Money gets skimmed off the top of church offerings and everyone seems to be happy, until something life-threatening happens to the child of the movie’s most likeable and sympathetic figure, Tiffany (Audrey Matos).  And when “Pastor Sam” is asked to pray for her son, he finally comes to terms with his lack of faith. 

A messenger is sent by God, a “Mr. Patterson”, who shows up at church and has Pastor Sam electrocuted to stand before God, the God Sam had never believed in. This is where some of the best transforming lines of the film are delivered directly by God.

The script is cleverly written by Pastor Steven Jack Gray, of World Revival Church in Kansas City! He is also the Executive Producer and Music Director.  Gray is the founder of Hungry Horse Media Productions, and is in the process of writing his second movie “Something to Believe”. 

Much like Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia, whose pastors gave us Courageous and Fireproof, they were unafraid to use the best available talent and Hollywood-style production to create a quality movie. Everyone involved in this wonderfully life-changing, and transformational movie has a chance to reach the world with a message of hope and love! 

Review by Bernie Lutchman for Twinas

The 22-minute movie “Butterfly Circus” has been seen by over 20 million people worldwide, and has won the following awards: Clint Eastwood Filmmaker; Crystal Heart; the Vision Award for Best Short Film, and the Audience Favorite Award at the 2010 Heartland Film Festival.  It also won Best of Show at the Fargo Film Festival, and the Best Short Film from the Feel Good Film Festival at the Historic Egyptian Theater in Hollywood!  RECOMMENDED: FIVE STARS!

Set in Depression-Era America, when traveling circuses and sideshows abounded; Butterfly Circus stars the well-known Mexican actor, Eduardo Verastegui, and was written, directed, and produced by Joshua and Rebekah Weigel. However it is Nick Vujicic, playing “Will”, who steals the show! 

Called  the “Limbless Man” by the cruel owner of a fairground sideshow, Will is exploited, insulted, and abused for financial gain, until he encounters the kind Mr. Mendez (Verastegui) causing him to stow away in Mendez’ vehicle, to join the Butterfly Circus.

It is at the Butterfly Circus that Will is transformed from a hopeless, angry, young man to become an inspiration to other physically-challenged young people! From "the man whom God Himself has turned His back upon” (and so full-of-hatred) Will grew to be a man inspiring the phrase "the greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph” under the kind-but-tough love Mendez, and others, offered him at the Butterfly Circus.  

There are several object lessons which can be learned by all of us, and they are:

- No matter the handicap we start off with in life, we don’t have to live UNDER those circumstances. We can rise above them.

- There is no need to be defined by the past. However the past can bog us down if we wallow in hatred and settle for anything less than the best.

- Like Will, we should use every opportunity to explore our potential, and things just may turn out better. Will was excited about being able to walk on a log until he fell into deep water, but then he discovered he could swim!

- We are not the sum of our past. We are who God meant for us to be, if we accept His plan for our life and follow His decrees. The main purpose of God’s plan is to help others, through us, and that is what Will did!

In the final analysis, one can almost say, Will started as a caterpillar and then transformed to soar like a butterfly! 

Note:  See the Butterfly Circus November 9th, 2012, at South Carolina's Underexposed Film Festival - for more information see: York County's Underexposed Film Festival celebrates shorter movies (or find it on YouTube) and prepare to shed a tear or two!

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