Turn your home, yard, or patio into a

 FIESTA-Ready Oasis

for entertaining, or just relaxing in privacy!



Outdoor Oasis

One of the easiest ways to create an outdoor FIESTA oasis (as in our Baja Style section) is by simple landscaping.  Contain and tame runaway plants and overgrowth, such as wildflowers, succulents and cacti into dedicated planter boxes, then add splashes of color wherever you want! 

Curbside Colorful

Prop Up Overgrown Succulents With Boulders to Create Rock-Wall Effect

Colorful Flowers Can Be Planted Along Foundation Wall

Indoor/outdoor fruit and vegetable gardens can be artistically, yet practically organized into colorful pottery containers.  Try planting in reusable, and creatively decorated  recyclables.



Plant in Broken Containers Along Hillsides to Prevent Slippage
Old Fencing Curved Around Broken Planters
Secure backyard hillsides by planting broken pottery with plants directly into the slope.

This will hide the broken pot without disturbing flowers, or crop growth, by transplantation into another container, while taming unruly-plant overgrowth.

Retire Plastic Glasses to Windowsill Herbs

Turn windowsills into cheerful planter boxes for herb or bean gardens, as shown in our "GardenFresh" section above, on container gardening.

In-Ground Planter Box on Patio



Cement a Rock Wall Planter of  Smooth River Stones

By containing your garden growth into pots or planter boxes, your patio space, or yard areas, will be able to accommodate friends & family, plus plenty of color, and your favorite garden edibles too!