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Activate: Prayers of the Bible Revealed – Vol.1

Author, TV host, Ordained Minister, Evangelist, and Twinas' Family Magazine Christian-Movie Reviewer, Bernie Lutchman, walks us through the Bible, in his first book of the series Activate: Prayers of the Bible Revealed, and shows us how to “unleash the power of prayer, to energize spiritual growth”. In this book we are given insight, into the prayers of many great men throughout scripture, and the circumstances which led them to pray specific prayers, carrying them to ultimate victory in Christ! We loved this handy resource book; it is easy reading, informative,  encouraging, and motivating.

Following the guidelines laid out by these men of renown, Bernie shows us how to tap into a powerful prayer life, with our Heavenly Father, giving us the ability to triumph over daily problems, and long-term difficulties. Perfect for Bible studies or personal reference, with room provided for notes at the end of every chapter, it will reinforce the powerful impact this book is going to make upon your life.

Activate: Prayers of the Bible Revealed is the right size, and price, for gifting, or keeping all to yourself. A cherished gift, suitable for any holiday, or special occasion; for motivation, or encouragement, or simply because you're worth it!

Order now for everyone on your gift list, and for celebrating all special occasions! Available in either glossy paperback, or Kindle electronic delivery, at Amazon: Activate: Prayers of the Bible Revealed
About the Author:
Author Bernie Lutchman is a minister and evangelist. He is also host of the long running PLUMBLINE Bible teaching television program seen worldwide on Unshackled.TV (on ROKU etc.), and local public access television. Bernie is a married father of three and the president of an all-volunteer men’s outreach ministry, He is also a regular volunteer minister and speaker at several retirement homes and missions and at many different functions. He has led the annual National Day of Prayer event in Springfield, Illinois since 2006. Visit his widely read blog "The Write Angle" at www.bernielutchman.blogspot.com